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quirky quark lost in the shimmer

once you move, random bits bump around and desires manifest.

once you take intuitively-charged action, the universe conspires with you to guide the random bits in your favor.

this piece is inspired by a sideways look at time (aslat).

aslat starts with a scathing diatribe against our modern conception of time. imploring you to imagine that time may be more…

not only does it attack the organism, it induces the organism into isolation and fear of others. other types of attacks, like natural disasters or armed invasions, cause humans to band together and fight back.

what is a virus’s role?

if you could operate in a higher dimension, past the…

the subjective experience of non-existence is an illusion

take multiverse theory. you exist in infinitely many universes all at once, each one offering you a different experience. but where is your consciousness in this networked mesh of mind-bending multi-realities? how can you witness more than one universe?

multiverse reality unfolding

train hopping

as meditation slows my experience of existence, as i become aware…

a letter: an olive branch to my estranged daddio; an invitation to explore new dimensions of love, beyond dogma & duality.

we’re comin, infinity!

i recorded a few excerpts from this letter. listen to them all or look for them peppered throughout this letter. here’s the first one:

hi daddio!

i love you.

i love you because you made sundays a weekly caesar-salad, father-son lunch date.

i love you because you get ridiculously

art with a messageour poetcards are used as postcards, greeting cards, birthday cards, and just beautiful original artwork ready to frame and hang!

each poetcard represents a life-tested philosophical maxim that has expanded our minds. this page tells the stories behind the cards.

join the love revolution — help us spread the magic!

namaste, friend.

withdrawal symptoms are a tool

now that i’m high, i can see this feeling more clearly now. caffeine withdrawal is slowing me down and my thoughts aren’t pleased about it.

there is a process by which my caffeine withdrawal feelings are converted into negative, judgmental thoughts. a lack of motivation, reduced drive, depression, pointlessness. there’s…

are you confused? are you sad? are you lonely? are you hopeless? are you despairing? are you failing to see the point of life? are you disconnected? are you searching? are you evaluating? are you comparing? are you laser-focused on improvement? are you bound up? are you at odds? are…

an inclination towards ordered chaos

disordered chaos: chaotic elements (e.g. people), ruled by fear of the unknown, are not inclined to align themselves with other chaotic elements to create higher-order chaos. instead, they align only to themselves, creating rigid, unmoving structures. …

to fill the pages with your soul.


rather the projection of your soul onto an ego. but that’s precisely the gobbledy-gook that got you into this mess in the first place.

focus. don’t focus. the result is the same. isn’t it(,) now?

okay, but look for a difference and…


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